Songs of the Heart
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July 05, 2012


Mga Kanta Ng Puso (Songs of the heart)

  • 1. Hello Monday
  • 2. Kamben silo
  • 3. Sing for the moment
  • 4. Immortal Words of Bixby
  • 5. Hey You!
  • 6. Lookin for a shot at redemption
  • 7. Obangaina
  • 8. Hands together
  • 9. Mountain of Iriga
  • 10. Champion

Available on CD at £10.00, or as mp3 downloads from Amazon and itunes, the album marks the latest step in Mr.Will's journey to blend the feel of West African percussion and mainstream British sounds to create a melody which will appeal to music fans the world over.

The CD features 10 tracks with vocals provided by African stars Seby Ntege, Hassan Kayemba and Jahman Sillah. The album will debut at the Drumcamp 2012 festival!

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