RJ GUITARSclick for RJ guitars website
Mr.Will plays the “RJ strut” guitar on his records, videos and live performances.
View the range of Filipino guitars, and find out more about RJ the guitarist by clicking here
ROLAND JC-120click for Roland JC-120 website
Mr.Will’s favourite guitar amplifier – the Roland JC-120 is a true classic! Unchanged from its original specification, the JC had attained legendary status by amp connoisseurs the world over.
AFRI-CAN GUITARSclick for Township Afri-Can guitars website
Mr.Will feels really lucky to own one of these fine hand crafted instruments. AFRI-CAN Guitars are different and uniquely African instruments capturing the history and heritage of handmade guitars, but they play like professional instruments.
THE GUITAR DOCTORclick for the Guitar Doctor website
The only person Mr.Will trusts to fix his guitar or have any custom work done – the Guitar Doctor! Luthiery, Guitar Repairs and renovations by The Guitar Doctor. Pickups and guitar parts supplied. Based in Kays Music Store, Hanley…

DRUMCAMP FESTIVALclick for the Drumcamp festival website
Mr.Will’s favourite festival!!
Drum Camp was founded by Gary Newland, a percussionist, teacher and founding director of Music Worldwide. Together with an enthusiastic, and experienced group of friends, he staged the first Drum Camp in the summer of 1996. The event has since then become somewhat of an institution for many enthusiasts, teachers and Musicians, interested in learning the art of percussion, voice and dance from all around the world .

ALAN R TAYLOR PHOTOGRAPHYclick for the website
Offering high quality event, wedding, portrait and portfolio photography Alan R Taylor is based in the West Midlands and also covers the Cheshire area.

ICONIC IMAGESclick for the Iconic Images website
Photographer and film maker based in Stoke On Trent, Darren has developed iconic images into one of the city’s best known brands with a distinct style of what has been reviewed and referred to as cinematic approach.